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Honda HRX217 Thermowax Choke Actuator Replacement

Replacing the thermowax choke actuator on your Honda HRX217 is actually pretty easy. You can buy the replacement thermowax on Amazon and replace it in about 10 minutes.

If you look inside the Honda HRX217 choke you can see the thermo wax needs replacement when it is stuck open despite the mower being turned off. This usually happens in colder weather on affected models.

Honda HRX217 parts are easy to get online so take your time and you can replace the thermowax yourself!

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One thought on “Honda HRX217 Thermowax Choke Actuator Replacement

  1. The wax that seals the Honda hrx217 thermowax actuator is degraded. When I pulled the actuator out I noticed pieces of wax etc. Is there a replacement wax ring or something that I can purchase when I install the new actuator? Or how do I go about making sure it seals when pushing the new one back in? Thanks

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