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Can I use a hose end sprayer to put down crabgrass preventer?

When you have a small yard the thought of spraying crabgrass preventer or any other pre-emergent is simple. But those of us with larger lawns love to find shortcuts to make taking care of our lawn easier. So when it comes time to apply liquid products to our lawns, a hose end sprayer comes to mind.

The problem with a host end sprayer is consistency. With a pre-emergence you want even, full, coverage. With a hose end sprayer you get a much less consistent results and can easily miss spots. So for products where accuracy matters it’s best to use a handheld or backpack sprayer.

There is hope! There are sprayers on wheels that work similar to a spreader, and there are sprayers that can be towed-behind. But if your lawn isn’t large enough to need that, remember that all the time you put into preventing weeds will be paid off with a year of weed free beautiful grass 😉

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