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Fall Lawn Dethatching – Why and How to DeThatch Your Lawn the Easy Way

There is debate over how often to dethatch your lawn, but I use a simple method to tell if your lawn needs dethatching. I take a Groundskeeper II rake and just start raking. If it pulls up a lot of thatch, then it’s time!

This is important in the beginning of spring and beginning of fall. The grass can shed or have dead blades after a harsh winter or a harsh summer. Raking it up gets the gunk out so it can recover quickly.

I prefer the Groundskeeper II rake because it’s design allows you to have no down pressure while raking, so it’s incredibly easy to use. It also doesn’t damage the good grass like a thatching rake will. With a thatching rake you can destroy the crowns of good grass, causing it to be more stressed and take longer to recover.

You can find the rake in Ace Hardware and online. They don’t pay me to talk about them, but they did send me 2 free rakes after seeing my video raving about the rake 😉

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