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Preparing for fall lawn care – Will you be seeding, or feeding?

We’re at the decision-making point. This fall, will you be seeding your lawn, or feeding your lawn? You can go either way, in fact, many people overseed every fall. The difference is the supplies you’ll want to source.

For Fall Seeding You’ll Need:
– Grass Seed (I use
– Starter Fertilizer (Scott’s Starter with Weed Preventer is easiest and has mesotrione which prevents weeds but allows grass)
– Peat Moss (helps with germination)

For Fall Feeding You’ll Need:
– Pre-emergent (I like prodiamine)
– Urea (it’s fast release nitrogen, I get the cheap uncoated kind 46-0-0 and go aggressive. If you are nervous about burning your lawn you could get the Scott’s Winterguard and have enough for 2 applications)

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