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Lawn Fertilizer, The Lawn Friendly Ice Melt?

I heard this tip from the Matt Allen Show about using lawn fertilizer for ice melt. While it’s not as powerful as normal ice melt, it does melt the ice (slower though).

If you already used salt, you can purchase Gypsum to treat the soil to prevent salt damage. Really useful around the edges of the lawn where plows drop sand all winter lawn.

Warning! Thanks to Virginia Refuse Trucks for pointing out that some states it’s against the law to use fertilizer. Check with your state 😉

If you go the fertilizer route, use the 46-0-0 fertilizer. There is research that shows potassium could cause snow mold, so using starter fertilizer like I did or 10-10-10 could increase your snow mold risk. I’ll post an update video in the spring to see if this caused any for me.

Matt Allen:

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