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How to get rid of weeds in the lawn

The best way to kill weeds is to start by killing the most weeds first, and then moving on to harder to kill weeds. Getting rid of weeds is actually easier than most people think

First – Get a generic weed killer like weed be gone plus crabgrass killer. Spray all the weeds in your lawn. After a week or two you will have killed most if not all of the weeds.

Second – If you have nutsedge in your lawn, get the ortho nutsedge killer. This will get rid of many more weeds that are harder to kill. A week later go around ad spot spray again to make sure you get rid of them.

If you don’t have nutsedge, or have other hard to kill weeds, get ortho chickweed, clover, and oxalis killer. And do the same thing. Spray it to kill the weeds, and followup about a week later. (harder to kill weeds usually take 2 applications).

Third – If by now there are still weeds to get rid of, come to The Lawn Forum and post photos. We’ll help you identify the tricky weeds and how to kill them. Many of the weeds in this category people don’t bother killing. But if you want that perfect lawn, you want that perfect lawn, so we’ll tell you how to get rid of them 😉

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